Wednesday, 8 December 2010

DFGA Level 5 Assessed Tasks for the Blog

At the end of the session I still wasnt clear whether everyone understood what was needed for the assessment. Is this clear?

Assessed tasks that should be on your blog by the end of the year.
1. A statement as to what you are interested in. (This is not marked, but was a task that was designed to get you to set up an area of your blog labelled Contextual Studies Level 2, to which all posts tagged with that name could go to).
2. A scanned in image of an annotated text. (This was to be taken from the Film Theory text posted to Moodle)We worked through the 'Cinema as Door' section during class.
3. Notes from seminars. If you didn’t attend seminars you can of course go to the contextual studies area of your DFGA Moodle and look for the lectures and other supporting information and texts. The more notes you have the better the mark.
4. A short review of a film or a film’s opening credits.
5. Notes taken from a theoretical text. (These could be notes taken from the Marshall McLuhan 'Medium is the Massage' reading)(Scan in)
6. A mind map demonstrating how you developed an idea for an essay.(Scan in)
7. An image analysis. (This could be stand alone or part of the essay)
8. Other work done that has helped you develop an essay. Such as notes made, practicing writing academically (for this you could use the set academic writing tasks in the eassy writing handout such as how to triangulate or summerise), an introduction to the essay, examples of practicing correct Harvard referencing.
9. The essay itself which could include an image analysis, could demonstrate good academic writing, have a clear introduction, be Harvard referenced correctly etc. and as such it would evidence 7 and 8. However you could develop a higher mark for the portfolio by demonstrating the fact that you tried out things before writing the final thing. This is a good way of using drafts and ideas that perhaps don’t make it into the final essay to bolster your portfolio.

Additionality (i.e. ways of getting higher marks) can include personal reflections on theory/practice, responces or comments to what Garry Barker has posted to his blog or comments on other students' blogs. This demonstrates a commitment to the whole group learning.
You could also post about films that you have been to which could be commented upon and analysed, computer games you have played, books you have read, events you have been to etc. Basically anything that you have experienced or thought about that helps demonstrate that you are thinking contextually about your practice.

The actual essay has to be printed off and submitted to the contextual studies office by:
26/1/11 4PM
The final blog which will act as your portfolio to be submitted by 30/3/10 4PM for summative assessment.
NB The final blog portfolio can include a revised version of the essay done in response to formative feedback.

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